Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Well Sunday we went to church and then for a nice walk in the cold. After our walk we had Mochas at Tony's Sub Shoppe and sat outside because my friend's dog is not a service dog. Before we were through with our drinks, it started to snow. OK that was fine for a few minutes. We took my friend home and came home to the warm house. It snowed off and on that day and night.

Monday it snowed all day and then the temperatures really dipped. It stopped snowing Tuesday in the afternoon. The temps then dipped down below zero. Today has been COLD! The high was 15 but no more snow yet.

We will probably stay home tomorrow as the roads will be icy I suspect. It is not suppose to warm up until tomorrow afternoon - maybe in the high 20's.

The bad thing about getting home with a new dog in November is the ability to get out and work together and meld that team better. Maybe if the snow goes away - we can get out there more.

Barbee loves the snow for playing but is very distracted by it when working. Hopefully it won't last too much longer and we can work on becoming that fantastic team. Her work is pretty awesome but we need more times to practice. Anyone heading to Palm Springs soon who would like some company?

More to come.....

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