Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catching Up

Thursday we visited with the vet and she showed us how to exam our dogs, gave us a wealth of information, and answered many questions from all of us.
In the afternoon we went to the Palm Springs Airport and worked through security with the TSA personnel.  We learned and so did they.
Friday we were suppose to have a session of traffice checks which allows us to see how our dogs react to many different circumstances involing vehicles:  someone backing out of a driveway, someone driving right at you, someone turning in front or behind you, etc.  The driver (one of the trainers) was ill so we had to re-schedule the checks.  We worked downdown Palm Springs again and I did a lot of shopping at the GDD Guide Dog Depot.
In the afternoon we were shown how to give our dogs massages.  Boy were they relaxed when we finished.
In the evening we did a night route in downtown Palm Springs.  Lots of peoples, dogs, and distractions.  Fantastic working in this environment and seeing how our pooches handle everything.
Saturday morning we work on walking in an area with no sidewalks.  We then went to Petco where my little girl decided to be a real handful.  This was not good as I wasn't feeling well and became verry exhausted.
After lunch at the schook, putting a prong/pinch collar on Barbie, we went back to Redlands to work flat curbs and clearances.  Barbie did very well and only had to work a couple of small clearances.  We will work with the prong/pinch collar a few times until she gets the message that she needs to listen to me.  I suspect that she will not need this collar passed the end of training but if she does, please realize that it is for hers and my safety that she listens to what I tell her.
Today I went out to breakfast with a very good frined of mine who just happens to be the person that raised my second dog.  After lunch some friends of mine that live in Colville, WA, and snowbird in El Centro, CA, came up to visit.  it was great to see them and they were impressed with the Barbie Doll.

More to come....

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