Wednesday, October 27, 2010

vivsnewdog: I'm Off

Well those who know me know that I am always off but that isn’t what was meant by the subject.

I am leaving shortly to have breakfast here in Walla Walla and then go catch my plane in Pasco.  I will have a layover in Seattle and then head south to Ontario, California.

I will spend the rest of today, tomorrow, Friday, and part of Saturday morning visiting with Blaze and her family.  Tomorrow I will also get to visit with my previous guide Peg.  It is always nice to see the retired dogs.

Saturday at around 11:15 I will arrive at Guide Dogs of the Desert, unpack, have lunch with the other classmates, and then sometime that afternoon I will receive my new dog.

Saying I am on Cloud 9 is somewhat of an under statement.

More to come….

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  1. Hello and how is sunny (I hope) California? I tried to comment yesterday, but it didn't like me! You've been in my thoughts and prayers :) You will do wonderful? Don't forget to give Blaze a big 'ole kiss and a hug for me (maybe a treat, too).