Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Arrived!

Wednesday I arrived in Ontario on time.  Donna met me at the gate, we retrieved my luggage, and David picked us up outside the terminal.  Got to the house and Blaze went nuts.  That night she slept with me and didn't leave my side much except for treats.

Thursday Peg and her raiser Jeanine came over and we got to visit for a couple of hours.  For those who don't know, Peg was my fifth guide who has been retired for 7.5 years.  She is doing very well but does now have arthritis.

Donna and I took Blaze and Paloma for a walk.  That was really fun, NOT!  We decided that the next time we went for a walk we would take one dog at a time.

Blaze spent about 15 minutes with me that night and then went back to sleep with Donna and David.

Friday Donna and I went shopping and picked up a few things I still needed before I left for class.

Blaze again spent about 15 minutes with me and then went to bed up with David and Donna.

Saturday Blaze wanted to leave with us as we left for the school.  We arrived hear at 10:30, David and Donna left, I unpacked, had lunch with the rest of the class.  At about 1:30 I was presented with my new dog - a femal yellow lab named Barbie.  She is almost white and very stocky.  Bob, the trainer, and I went to downtown Palm Springs and Barbie and I had our first work out.  She is a lot different from Blaze but I think she will work out just fine.  After we returned to the school, we fed the dogs, relieved the dogs, placed them on tie down on their beds and then we all went over to a Halloween party put on for the raisers.  We ate dinner there and then came back and took our dogs off of tie down.  In about a half hour, we will relieve them for that last time tonight.

Sunday brings a day of resting and then we hit the ground running on Monday.

More to come.

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